Vance D. Wyatt

Foss Park Commissioner, North Chicago Library Trustee 
& Shields Township Democratic Chairman

Who is Vance Wyatt?

Vance Wyatt is the son of Angela D. Jones and Carl L. Wyatt Sr., both of whom graduate from North Chicago Community High School 30 plus years ago.   Before graduating, he was selected to represent North Chicago at Illinois Premier Boy's State.  During his time at North Chicago Community High School, he was a member of Academy of Finance, North Chicago Boy's Tennis Team, Computer Science Explore Post- Sponsored by Abbott and theNational Honor Society.  In May 2008, he was named Business Student of the Year for his outstanding achievements in Business Education; later that month he was awarded the 2008 John Cunnea Business Scholarship from Mathews Employment Services of Waukegan.   In May 2008, he graduated from North Chicago Community High School and continued his education on the collegial level.

In June 2008, Vance went to Robert Morris College and received a Professional Diploma in Business Administration.

While attending Concordia University Chicago, he founded Young Democrats of Concordia, where he sat as its Chairman, and Comptroller.  In the capacity of Chairman, he also served a part of the Concordia’s Student Leadership Council.   In 2010, he was elected to a second term as Chairman, which he turned the position down and took off a year of school to focus on running for Alderman in the February 2011 Consolidated Primary Election.

In April, 2011, was appointed by the Mayor of the City of North Chicago to serve as a Trustee for the North Chicago Public Library.  After being sworn in, Vance became the youngest Library Trustee in the United States of America.

In September 2011, he transferred to National-Louis University where he graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Minor in Public Policy, June 2013.   Also while attending National-Louis University he was elected by the Student Senate to serve as the Undergraduate Student Representative on the University Leadership Council.

In August 2013, Vance started a Masters of Business Administration concentrated in Banking and Financial Institutions at Concordia University Chicago in River Forest.  His anticipated Graduation is December 2015.

In June 2012, The Illinois Library Association President appointed Vance to serve a one year term on the Public Policy Committee. He was appointed by the new incoming president to serve a second term in April 2013.  In April 2014, he was appointed for a third term. 

In April 2014, Vance was elected to serve as by his fellow Democratic Committeeman to serve as Chairman of the Shields Township Democratic Organization.  

In August 2014, Vance was elected by his fellow Trustees to serve as Board Treasurer of the North Chicago Public Library

In April 2015, Vance was elected to the Foss Park District Board of Commissioners.  

 Vance Political History:

Vance ran for 4th Ward Alderman Seat of North Chicago, IL in Feb. 2011. He took 27% of the vote at the age of 20.

In March 2012, Vance (21 years old) was elected Democratic Shields 230 Precinct Committeeman, with 100% of the votes.

In April 2013, Vance (22 years old) was a candidate for the office of Commissioner of the Foss Park District; he received 11.69% of the vote in a six way race.

In March 2014, Vance (23 years old) was re-elected Democratic Shields 230 Precinct Committeeman, with 100% of the votes.

Currently, Vance sits as a Trustee for the North Chicago Public Library.  Where he sits on the following committees:  Bookmobile (Chairman), Finance and Technology (Vice-Chairman), and Committee as a Whole. 

Vance’s Accomplishments as a Trustee:

  • Spearheaded the retention of quality Library Workers, as the Board dealt with an employment service change over
  • Fought to Keep North Chicago Worker Jobs within the Library while condensing the workforce.  
  • Pushed to invest money to update outdated equipment throughout the library.
  •  Pushed to expand the collection to include a video game collection
  • Pushed to implement a electronic library branch
  • Voted to expand and update the library’s computer
  • Voted and introduced proposals to purchase a Tablets/eReaders for Patrons Use
  • Acquired funding for Tablets/eReaders for the Library
  • Passed proposals to Digitize Board’s Packets and will save nearly $3000 to $6000 a year
  • Acquired free Books and eBooks for the Library while attending the 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference
  • Introduced new Polices that revolutionize and advance the North Chicago Public Library
  • Spearheaded the introduction of American Library Association National Game Day to North Chicago
  • Nominated as Candidate for American Library Association Council-At Large
  • Appointed to by the Illinois Library Association President to serve on the Public Policy Committee



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