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Foss Park Commissio


Property Tax Relief

Many residents within the 14th District are paying a property tax rate close to18%. This means many will pay for the value of their home within less than 6 years in taxes.  Therefore, I cannot ask that any individual pay more on their property taxes.  As a Foss Park Commissioner, I voted against a 28% increase in property tax. As a County Board Member, I have continued to vote against increasing property taxes. 

Increasing Job Opportunities and Strong Economic Development

Jobs are key to developing a working economy.  As a County Board, member I will work with the cities to help provide incentives for business to relocate and employ within the area.  Also, the youth within the community also need opportunities for employment.  I will continue to support the summer work program through Lake County and look to expand the program.

Contracts for local business

Lake County Government has yearly budget that is over half a billion dollars.  We should incentivize our local business to bid on our projects.  For business that do not meet the requirements; my goal as a County Board member is to training seminars and Small Business fairs to help them meet those requirements. 

Reducing Recidivism

When someone is released from jail; we must offer programs to allow them to become productive citizens.  Band the box was a first step but it doesn’t go far enough.  By partnering with local agencies and law firms we can offer expungement and training for the jobs within the community. 

Promoting a living wage

In 2017, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill to increase the state minimum wage to $15 per hour.  However, Governor Rauner has stated that he will veto the bill.  As Cook County has done; Lake County should approve an ordinance increasing the minimum wage in order to provide a wage that individuals can live on.  As a Trustee, on the Library Board, I pushed for an increase in our internal minimum wage. 

Preserve and protect our environment

 As many Americans, I was troubled by the President’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.  We as a Nation and world must address the serious issue of Climate Change.  After the major storms in 2014 and in 2017, the need to address the issue hasn’t been clearer.  Further, I support a plan to transition from coal and other fossil fuels over to clean energy. 

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