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Foss Park Commissio

North Chicago City

Foss Park District Commissioner (May 2019 to Current)

The Board approved the 4 Million dollar redevelopment of Foss Park Beach. (Phase 1 of the Foss Park Master Plan)

Read the Plan HERE.
Brand New Citizen's Park in the 1st Ward. First time since the 1930's.  - Being Built in Spring 2021
Redevelopment of the Neville Park in 2nd Ward.
  • Pushed and Passed a Property Tax Levy that reduced the District's tax rate by 5%
  • Opposed efforts to outsource Youth Sports Programs

Lake County Board Member/Commissioner (Jun 2017 to Nov 2018)

  • Voted to lower property taxes
  • Voted on framework limit the Gerrymandering of County Board Districts 
  • Voted against raising our Property Taxes
  • Voted in favor of increasing Smoking Age to 21
  • Voted in favor of improve the Use of Force Policy for Police Rangers
  • Voted for funding the County's first 211 service
  • Voted to expand the amount of County funds for Jail Diversion and keeping people within their homes
  • Voted against increasing the salaries for County Elected officials
  • Worked with States Attorney on enhancing and expanding the A Way Out Program
  • Pushed for extra funding for projects in the 14th District
  • Pressured Metra on rehabbing the North Chicago Train Station
  • The only County Commissioner to refuse Tax Payer funded Health and Dental insurance and Pension. 

Foss Park District Commissioner (May 2015 to Jun 2017)

  • Voted against raising our Property Taxes by 28%
  • Worked with Congressman Schneider and Dold to waive the 100k application fee to rebuild North Chicago’s Beach
  • Spearheaded the creation of scholarships to North Chicago and Waukegan youth
  • Pushed for the reconstruction of Tennis Courts at Twin City Park
  • Reduced Golf Course Losses from 750k to 250k
  • Established Board Bylaws, Policies and Regulating Ordinances
  • Pushed a plan to reopen the Foss Park Swimming pool
  • Reduced spending of Commissioners by 40%
  • Worked to rebuild trust in the institution

North Chicago Public Library Trustee (Apr 2011 to Jun 2017)

  • Worked with fellow Trustees on a $3 million dollar remodel at no cost to taxpayers
  • Appointed to the Illinois Library Association Public Policy Committee where served for three terms
  • Cut spending by 12% first year in office to upgrade technology throughout the library
  • Worked to make the library more accessible to residents by adding additional stops to the bookmobile
  • Spearheaded the elimination of unnecessary rental fees
  • Pushed for the expansion of collection to include eBooks, Video Games and iPads for checkout
  • Wrote 80% of the library polices

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