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Foss Park Commissio


Property Tax Relief

Many residents within the Foss Park District are paying a property tax rate close to 18%. This means many will pay for the value of their home within less than 6 years in taxes.  Therefore, I cannot ask that any individual pay more on their property taxes.  As a Foss Park Commissioner, I voted against a 28% increase in property tax and as your County Board member, I voted to lower property taxes. I want to continue the fight against increasing our property taxes.  


Reopen the Swimming Pool

Many of use that have attended North Chicago High School know of the stairs too nowhere.  Stairs; that where promised to lead into the Schools new pool.  As a Park Commissioner, I want to bridge the Park District and the School District in order to reopen our pool and start teaching our students how to swim.  This would reduce the cost for the program because it would be joint venture.  In 2016, I proposed putting a public question on the ballot to allow the voters of the Park District the opportunity to say if they wanted a pool in our community.  Unfortunately, the vote failed by one vote.  I want to finish the fight and get our pool reopened.


More Activities for the seniors

Seniors are staying active longer than ever before, experts say. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found that only 35.5 percent" "the age of 65 don’t have regular physical activity. The national average was 32.5 percent" As a Park Commissioner, I will work to have programs that will cater to our seniors.  I would like to bring forth programs that all seniors would enjoy. Along with providing senior their own space similar to Park Place.  


Establish Adult Recreation Activities

As a Park Commissioner, I want to establish Adult programs with national Organizations like the USTA Flex Leagues (United States Tennis Association) in order to bring athletic actives that will allow our community to grow and maintain quality physical health.

Close the Financial shortfall

The Fiscal Year 2012 Budget had a 1.26 Million Dollar Deficit.  The only way we will be able balance the budget is getting a hold of our expenses.  With the new Tax Cap, Property Tax cannot go up any further.  It will mean the Board will need to take a hard look at the way we operate the District.  I will propose us looking at our Administration cost, starting with the Board first.  If we as Board members cannot make the tough decisions and cut ourselves how can we expect to have our hard working employees to swallow the cuts in benefits and our citizens to take cuts in their services.   As a Park Commissioner, I proposed and got approved capping our executive pay and fought to lower the Board’s expenses by 40%. 


Redeveloped the Youth Center to better serve the community  

I believe that renovating the current Youth Center is to move all major Administrate offices out and into a new facility.  This will allow more space within the current Youth Center for more recreation activates for our seniors and Children. In 2016, I push for the District to move its administrative offices out of the Youth Center.  Following the move, one area was to be specifically for seniors and another area for Teens.  


Increase government transparency (Open Government)

I believe in having an open door policy.  Every time there is a decision the people should be able to speak out for or against a topic.  There should also be easy access to expenditures on projects, via online and in print.  Stop government from making the decisions for the people, and instead put the people back in charge of their government.   As your Park Commissioner, I will bring an open door policy to our City Government.  While serving as your County Commissioner, I was one of the first to provide all of their P-Card Statements (Government issued Credit Card for Constituent services).  Also, I voted to televise our Law and Judicial Committee meetings for public viewing. 


Preserve and protect our environment 

 As many Americans, I was troubled by the President’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.  We as a Nation and world must address the serious issue of Climate Change.  After the major storms in 2014 and in 2017, the need to address the issue hasn’t been clearer.  Further, I support a plan to transition from coal and other fossil fuels over to clean energy. 


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