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Start a Saving Initiative

In the city of Chicago, the treasure office uses its position to encourage savings in its youth and adults.  As Treasurer, I will implement a similar program right here in North Chicago.  By tackling the youth, it allows us to grow financial responsible citizens that will help lead this city into tomorrow. We have a savings issue in American and our community where many families cannot weather a $400 emergency.  This program will seek to tackle that problem.  


Wealth Fitness for Adults and youth

As City Treasurer, I will bring Wealth Fitness Classes to the Community for all residents.  This will help our community grow and become more financially minded citizens.  This will lead the way for more people to learn how to rebuild their credit, allowing us to address the home ownership problem that North Chicago is faced with.   I will work with the North Chicago School District 187 to implement personal finance as a requirement for all children.  This will make sure our children have the knowledge to help prepare them in life.   


Encourage more small business

In America, the large majority of citizens work for Small Businesses.  As a Small Business owner in North Chicago, I know their needs and how to bring more businesses to the city.  I know the struggle of weak economy has on Small Business and the tough decisions that they face.  As Treasurer, I would propose Small Business incentives, which will increase the number of them in the City.  If we bring in more small business it will generate additional opportunities into the community.  This will assist North Chicago become similar to the community it was 30-50 years ago.  This will also encourage our students to remain in North Chicago verses leaving the City.  My Plan would encourage residents stay within the community and would encourage more opportunities to create new businesses and obtain employment paying sufficient wages.  I will also advocate to lower business fees and City Property tax.


Business Expo

As Treasurer, I want to initiate small business Expos that would generate Business owners, Directors, and Business experts.   This would inspire small business owners to attend an event and receive direction, inspiration and networking, necessary for growth. 


North Chicago Treasurer Scholarship

North Chicago is my home.  When I graduated from the High School, I received money from both North Chicago and Waukegan Organizations.  I was troubled by one thing, that the majority of the funding was from Waukegan.  As Treasurer, I will donate a minimum of $1,000 for a Scholarship to a North Chicago High School Grad., every year I serve in office.  This is a small token of my appreciation to this community that I have become.  

Open Government

I believe in having an open door policy.  Every time there is a decision the people should be able to speak out for or against a topic.  There should also be easy access to expenditures on projects, via online and in print.  Stop government from making the decisions for the people, and instead put the people back in charge of their government.   As your Treasurer, I will  bring an open door policy to our City Government.  I will digitize all financial documents within the control of my Department for full Transparency. 

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